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Our Company

The original partnership was established back in 1982 by Phillip Mills and Adrian Scott with two simple aims; to produce furniture with the highest standard of traditional craftsmanship, using the finest quality raw materials, and to meet the demands of the most discerning home owners who insist on innovative style and design without compromising their need for the latest technology, appliances and accessories.

Some 30 years later and with hundreds of completed projects in our portfolio, we are proud of our reputation for customer care & quality workmanship, and more importantly the relationships and friendships we have made with our clientele; many are now on their second (even third or fourth) Mills & Scott kitchen.

Customer recommendation has always been extremely important to us, in fact seven out of every ten projects we undertake come as a direct result of client referrals. Although the majority of our customers are based in the North West, over the years we have designed and fitted furniture in properties in London, Hampshire, Wales, Scotland, Devon, the Midlands, the Channel Islands and even in Portugal.

Why choose Mills & Scott?

Adrian Scott - The Workshop

"The whole of my working life has involved the woodworking industry and it has always been my aim to make a product that encompasses traditional skills together with modern materials and technology. At Mills & Scott, we are able to create designs and realise our customers' ideas and dreams because we have the knowledge, experience, resources and above all else we are continually investing in technical innovation and improving our own skills. The fitted furniture market demands design that gives comfort, ease of use and practicality, whilst complementing the customer's lifestyle. Our furniture is a blend of traditional cabinet making and high quality German engineered hardware, the best of both worlds. More importantly we do not stand still; I am continually looking to keep our furniture at the forefront of design, by introducing new hardware and material finishes, so ensuring we maintain our position and reputation in the local fitted furniture market."

Phillip Mills - Design, Installation & Customer Service

"My role is to design the furniture and look after each client's project; whether it's 10 rooms at one house or a single piece of furniture for a drawing room, I am involved from beginning to end, and everything in-between. It all starts with individual ideas and tastes. Kitchens especially, are such important rooms, often the focal point of the home. So before I create any drawings or make any suggestions I like to find out just what the family is looking for, their thoughts, their opinions, likes and dislikes; it all goes on my notepad which becomes the starting point for my design solutions - I know how to listen, but also when to use my knowledge and experience to advise and improvise. Bedrooms, Studies etc, are more personal to the individual but I treat them no differently; I find it a cliché but we really can create a room in any style or theme, whether it's a new build property or a listed building. Attention to detail is vital to all our projects, and being able to oversee every aspect, from building work, electrics, plumbing, to tiling, installation, hand painting, ensuring each job runs smoothly. Adrian and I have the same passions about our work - every part of every project matters"