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A study needs to be a place for work, yet also place to think and reflect; somewhere, where peace and tranquillity abound, creating a retreat for valuable private time.

On the other hand, to maintain the peace of other family members, you may need a modern desk arrangement where a teenager can "play/work", in the space of their own bedroom!!

Our study furniture, which can so easily be translated into designs for other rooms, offers the same choice of timbers and finishes as our kitchen & bedrooms; the furniture can easily blend in with the existing character of your home, at ease in old buildings and in new, in contemporary interiors or more traditional settings.

Elegant storage cabinets, filing drawers, book cases, and work stations can be incorporated, housing all the necessary hardware of the home study, and concealing the ugly "spaghetti wirework". Individually designed desks are pieces that we are often commissioned to create.


Select an image from our portfolio to view each installation in detail