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Design & Plan

Following discussions, ideas are transferred onto paper. Hand-drawn plans and elevations are prepared for each client and project, until every detail is included. Advice on effective lighting (a most important aspect when designing a room) is given, together with any electrical planning. The need for accessible yet practical storage, and sufficient food preparation areas is essential, but display areas are never overlooked.

...Ideas To Reality

Once plans and designs are agreed, and details of materials, colour & finishes are confirmed, we'll ensure a comprehensive estimate is produced for every service you require. When this is accepted, a survey of the room is undertaken and our furniture makers start the work to realise your plans.

In our Burnley workshops skilled tradesmen and cabinet-makers fashion timber into doors and drawers, panelling and curves; cabinets are made and worktops are fabricated. Much of the work is done by hand, backed by modern technology wherever it is beneficial to the end product. Every piece of furniture is made individually to order and materials are marked with the client's name from start to finish.