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Where to begin

A visit to our showroom and workshop is a good place to start. There, you'll be able to see complete room settings and examples of our furniture. What better way to experience the quality of a piece of furniture than to actually pull out drawers, open doors and even see how it is made. Whilst it is the look that first attracts, the furniture has to work, and work well, to be fully enjoyed.

Discussion with us will open up a plethora of possibilities for any proposed project; since our styles can be interpreted in a number of different ways; details of such things as door design, colour and timber can be chosen later; for now just enjoy the experience and envisage the potential.

... And The Next Step

At your invitation, we will visit your home and get a feel for your requirements. As always our emphasis is on personal service, and whether it is kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or study – or indeed any other room in your home or office, we know that the time spent at the design stage is vital. To this end, we will develop your ideas, guide your choices and offer practical, expert advice. No two projects are ever quite the same and it is our fervent wish to create a room that not only reflects your unique style and tastes, but is totally functional as well.

Additionally, we are quite happy to work collectively with clients' architects, builders and designers, or from initial plans. It is never too early to involve us in the design of a room; think of the implications a window positioned too close to a door to prevent the inclusion of that "must have" free standing larder cupboard.